Council meeting minutes and agendas
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Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutesAttachments
17 Nov 2021Council PDF(119.8MB) PDF(133.6MB)
17 Nov 2021Council - Supplementary PDF(9.5MB)
20 Oct 2021Council PDF(41.0MB) PDF(41.1MB)
15 Sep 2021Council PDF(19.0MB) PDF(24.1MB)
15 Sep 2021Council - Supplementary PDF(896.1KB)
18 Aug 2021Council PDF(61.6MB) PDF(60.6MB)
21 Jul 2021Council PDF(25.2MB) PDF(25.3MB)
24 Jun 2021Special Budget Meeting PDF(466.6KB) PDF(38.3MB)
16 Jun 2021Council PDF(121.4MB) PDF(121.2MB)
27 May 2021Special Council PDF(10.8MB) PDF(10.9MB)
19 May 2021Council PDF(47.5MB) PDF(17.1MB)
19 May 2021Council - Supplementary PDF(746.5KB)
21 Apr 2021Council PDF(39.7MB) PDF(40.2MB)
1 Apr 2021Special Council PDF(777.3KB) PDF(743.5KB)
25 Mar 2021Special Council PDF(6.7MB) PDF(6.7MB)
17 Mar 2021Council PDF(30.5MB) PDF(36.1MB)
17 Feb 2021Council PDF(26.9MB) PDF(26.8MB)
17 Feb 2021Council - Supplementary PDF(638.4KB)
20 Jan 2021Council PDF(27.6MB) PDF(27.7MB)